37 Steakhouse & Barは、本場ニューヨークなどのステーキハウスに引けを取らないプライムステーキをご用意する本物のステーキハウス。









For anyone in search of authentic steak in Tokyo, 37 Steakhouse & Bar will be the place to dine. When 37 Steakhouse & Bar opens its doors to the public on Monday, March 15 2010 in Roppongi Hills on Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori, you'll finally be able to enjoy the real prime steak right here in Tokyo!


37 Steakhouse & Bar is a genuine steakhouse offering the great prime steak that you've come to expect in the steakhouses of New York. 37 Steakhouse & Bar is the creation of Stillfoods which has developed and operates a number of well-known restaurants and cafes in Japan including 1830 in the Nogizaka district of central Tokyo, a popular Italian restaurant regarded as a true pizzeria especially by foreigners.


Our recommendations at 37 Steakhouse & Bar are a mouth-watering porterhouse steak, the finest Australian "Wagyu" beef that has been aged for 21 days, and a Black Angus rib steak that maintains the perfect balance between lean beef and juicy fat. You can enjoy these and other great steaks at very reasonable prices.


In addition to offering delectable steaks, the 37 Steakhouse & Bar menu will include the fresh seafood and a variety of side dishes. The wine selection will feature primarily from California and Australia. You can also sit back and enjoy a drink in the bar's casual and relaxing atmosphere.


37 Steakhouse & Bar will be a great place to eat on weekdays, too, offering an affordable daily luncheon set. You can savor tasty sandwich, beef hamburg steak, Black Angus rib steak, etc.


A total seating capacity is more than 160 in the dining, bar and lounge areas as well as its private room. 37 Steakhouse & Bar has the flexibility to serve your fine dining needs including a large party or banquet.


37 Steakhouse & Bar is the "REAL DEAL" here in Japan, a genuine steakhouse where you can satisfy your craving for the absolute great prime steak.